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It’s that time of year again when we declare our resolutions by announcing what we will and will not bring into the new year. We sit amongst our mates and each select a word to project into the year ahead with both drive and hope that it will abet in us being our best selves. 

Or we just… try our best to try our best and later on learn our word and our why while we get to live our best lives here in Bali.

Keen to get the new year started in the right frame of mind? Want to find your word and your why? You’re already in Bali, so babes,  we know you do.  😉

We are thrilled to be partnering with Y Retreats that will be enjoying Motion Catering all next week for the first 2023 Holistic Retreat of the year. Y Retreats have curated coaches and experts providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience in guiding participants to their WHY, all the while getting to savor food that is just as experiential! 

Truly setting intentions for the new year in Motion. 

Hosting a retreat in Bali? We’ll be happy to assist you in planning a beautiful menu to make it a seamless experience for you and an unforgettable occasion for your guests. Stop by our cafe and give us a try, you’ll quickly learn our why. 

Tastefully yours, 

Motion Retreat Catering & Events Team

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