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– Eat clean! Our meals are prepared fresh every morning, using top quality ingredients. They’re yummy and healthy without any msg, added sugar or artificial flavourings.

– Save time! When you’re following a meal plan, the time you’d spend buying groceries and preparing your meals, can be used for your hobbies or work or exploring Bali!

– Convenient! Get ready-to-eat meals delivered directly to your door. No need to spend time thinking what to cook or scrolling restaurant delivery options.

– Salty on track! Having the meals delivered to you helps you to stick to healthy foods, hence help you reach your heart and/or fitness goals.

– Maybe you follow a certain style of eating or a special diet but struggle to stick with it. For example, Keto-eaters we got you covered. Healing from candida? We have a plan for you.


Need a customised plan to fit your macros? No problem. Just give us a message foodorder@motionfitnessbali.com.

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