Why joining Group Classes?

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Motion Fitness Bali offers both group class and personal training.

The best way to make your workout efficient is always to combine both. Make sure your body is not getting used to only one kind of training…


This is why we have so many different classes, from cardio workout to stretching class…

Choose the one that fit your body and style.


Don’t forget the Rule #1  :  Always Vary your workout, Try all our classes.

Bring to your body new and fresh spirits…


What are some of the benefits of the group class?


Physical Benefits

The group classes available at Motion allow you to try different style, challenge your body and push your limits.

Each trainer has a different way to work out and will always change the exercises and use different fitness tools (like foot weights, rubber, dumbbells…)

The Group Classes bring you a lot of physical benefits and social opportunities.

Every day you can choose a different training style from cardio Pilates to brazil Boom or FitBall… This will allow your body not to get used to the same workout. The goal is to “shock” your body and making this workout more efficient.

By changing regularly your training style, you will burn more calories and see better results faster.



Motivation is a key aspect of the group class benefits, by joining the group class.

There is always this “competition feeling” …

You will always go harder if you are surrounded by people that are doing the same exercise than you in the same time.

At Motion Fitness, we want you to push your limits and sweating like hell, if you stop during the workout (except if you have a valid reason!!) the trainer will Shout out at you (Don’t be scared, we are still very nice!!)

The goal is to make you going hard and be proud after your workout.

One hour is only 4% of your day, at Motion Fitness, we want to make this hour workout WORTH IT!


Community and Fun

Yes, we do always have a lot of fun all together, training and laughing all day… Every Day!

We are organizing Fitness Challenge once a month which make an amazing atmosphere in the gym…!

Last one was the Squat Challenge, all the women went crazy doing 3 000 squats in only 6 days!!!!

Our next one starting 1st June is the “Tummy Attack Challenge”. We go for this flat and toned belly … One week dieting and training together! Let’s Go for it!

We love sharing Nutrition & Fitness advises and helping people to reach their goals and feel better about themselves!


Suffer, Sweat, Smile with Motion Fitness Bali

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