Why Do Cardio?

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  1. Strengthen your heart. During cardio exercise, heart and lungs are forced to work harder to deliver enough oxygen into the body. The heart is a muscle that can be trained and become stronger, and in order to do so, it must be subjected to stress.

At high intensity, the heart must beat faster to pump out more oxygen-rich blood, and with sufficient cardiovascular training, the heart will eventually be able to pump out more blood per heartbeat.

  1. Increase release of endorphins. When we engage in physical activity, the body produces endorphins – also known as the body’s own “happiness hormone”.

When the body is stressed for more than 20 minutes, the production of endorphins is increased. It gives an increased sense of well-being, which can also help to reduce stress and depression.

  1. Increase fat burn. Cardiovascular exercise is a effective way to increase combustion and thereby lose weight. The harder the muscles work, the more energy it needs. The proportion of energy used is measured in the unit calories (kcal). It is the total workload that affects the calorie burn, that is, the sum of intensity and duration.


Long workouts in fast pace is good, but a substantial interval pass can still give better results. This is because you burn more energy per unit of time, and as long as the interval workout is long, the total workload becomes higher.


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