Which body type are you?

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Everybody is different and that ‘s good. How boring would the world otherwise be? But that also means there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to exercise. Everyone faces different challenges in their workout routine and has different “problem zones” to work on. To get the best results with your fitness routine you should first define your body type and find out which exercises are best for your body type.


If your body has the typical shape of an apple, you carry more fat in the midsection especially in comparisons to the hips and shoulders like for example Lindsay Lohan or Drew Barrymore.

Work-out: The best way to get rid of that fat is to train your entire body with high-intensity interval (HIIT) cardio exercises. It’s also important to implement plank and other exercises to strengthen the core and some squats and lunges to increase lean muscle mass in your bottom part of the body.



If you have a larger lower body and smaller upper body you are shaped like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé – like a pear.

Work-out: To create a balance pears should increase the weight used on the upper body. The goal is not to neglect your legs but to use lighter weights instead.



Straight or Boyish

With a straight body type like for example Gwyneth Patrol or Cameron Diaz you can wear almost wear everything, but you are lacking some curves.

Work-out: To add some curves and definition you should focus on strength-building and tightening your core. Especially the muscles, which pull in the belly: the deep abdominal muscles.


Hourglass: Compared to the straight body type, the hourglass body is not lacking any curves. You got them, on the top and bottom and typically your waist appears smaller like Scarlett Johansson or Marilyn Monroe.

Work-out: To keep your curves but yet get a firm figure the best for you is a full body toning and a fat loss workout routine.



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