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What is the difference between Superfood and Food?

Many people are confused: “What is the difference between “Superfood” and just “Food”?”

Superfoods are more medicinal and supplemental than standard fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and have to be consumed in small amounts.

If you eat 3 bars of dark chocolate (is supposedly claimed as super food) – the only thing that will happen to you is insulin spike and sugar rush. But if you eat a whole bag of Raw Cacao beans (the real Superfood ) you will get a fever from nutrient overdose. This is why only small amounts should be taken.

Here are three examples of the right amounts for Superfoods:

You can eat 2 tablespoons of Goji Berries before your workout; it will give you an incredible amount of pure energy, unlike caffeine or anything else you have tried so far.

Use Coconut Oil as a salad dressing or replacement for vegetable oils. As a nutritional supplement a tablespoon a day mixed in with a fruit juice or smoothie.

Spirulina powder recommends 1 to 6 tablespoons per day, in one dose or spread out over the day. It is best enjoyed added to fresh juice or a raw fruit smoothie.

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