Vegan Protein vs. Animal Protein

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Veganism is a form of nutrition, which has become very popular lately. Some people do it because of health benefits; some because of ethical reasons and others just follow the trend.

One big question, especially for all the sportive persons, is always: Do we get enough protein from plant sources?

Generally speaking, it is hard to get the same amount of proteins from only plant-based sources. To show you this in detail you find here a list of the best plant protein sources compared to animal protein sources.


It is true that animal proteins are similar to the proteins in our body, thus are used more rapidly than plant proteins.

Another fact is that all proteins are made up of different amino acids, although the amount and type of each amino acid vary based on the protein source. Plant sources sometimes lack in one or more amino acids, which makes it more difficult to get all the amino acids

Always keep in mind that an over-consumption of meat and dairy products causes a low pH level in the body, which means that your blood fats can rise. That’s why you should keep it balanced.

If you are vegan try to eat as varied as possible avoid processed vegan products and make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals especially Vitamin B12, D, DHA, iron and zinc. On a vegan diet, you are more likely to get a lack of those vitamins and minerals.

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