Vegan Body Building Competition

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Meet our super talented Motion girl Nadi, who just scored no.1 in Bali’s latest body building competition – 100% Vegan!  We are very happy to have been a part of Nadi’s journey and to provide her with the right nutrition plan, and mental support whenever she needed it. It is not an easy journey! You need to be mentally and physically strong! Read her story below:

The idea to take part in bodybuilding competitions came to my mind in the middle of September. I am doing regular fitness, but the appearance of my body at that time was quite puffy and chubby. So I contacted the excellent trainer and nutritionist Melanie from Motion Fitness Bali, who not only created my perfect vegan meal plan, but also helped me to get into a serious attitude towards what this was all about.

I did two competitions, the first competition was on October 15th and the second one on November 2nd.

I trained 6 times a week (mostly 2 times a day – cardio and strength) and got my customised Motion Meal Plan for 6 weeks prior the competition. An additional complication was that all the food had to be VEGAN, and that’s no chicken breasts and egg whites! How did the guys from Motion have been able to develop a high protein menu using only tempeh, tofu, beans and plant protein!? Isn’t it amazing?

The program was cool but difficult: I had to run for an hour in the morning, and go to the gym in the afternoon for strength training. In between: meditate, eat (6 times a day, every 3 hours) and work. It was also prescribed to go to the sauna, do massage, use scrubs and Motion toning oils almost every day. It sounds very pleasant, but when it become your daily duty it’s not that fun anymore, because sometimes you might just want to watch Netflix instead of running from sauna to massage after 2 workouts and your normal working day. This was a dense program, I got to admit that.

The schedule even tightened a few days before the first competition, which made me often think about stopping, hiding somewhere and cry (which I actually have done several times) and forget about the competition completely. But everything passes, and this has passed too. Also, Melanie and her team were nearby to say the words that I needed to hear. That was an important part of my journey as well.

It was easier to prepare for the second competition: there were 2 weeks to train again and all the same professional instructions from Mel and the Vegan Fitness Model meal plan to shred in the best way without any starving. It has worked out amazingly! The main prize was invaluable experience and the appreciation of the incredible support I got. 1stplace is won but the most important thing is that my entire life has changed for the best. It seems interesting but my productivity at work had increased and I valued time and each good moment in my life way more than before.  This awareness of the present has spread into my work, to my social life when meeting with friends, and even when I take a shower. No needed to say that the daily described meditation was the key to stay sane these weeks!

To be honest, I really like to work out, with or without the goal of a competition, but when it got really hard I just applied a smile on my face and repeated to myself: “This is what you want, this is what you like”, and the next set of exercises was a piece of cake (no pun intended :-))

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said: “You can have results OR excuses. Not both”.

Be the hero of your story – and don’t forget to ask Motion for help to make it happen!


Competition #1  Muscle Beach Bali // Model Search Category //        4thplace

Competition #2 Onego Heat Surf Fest // Miss Beach Bunny //


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