UBUD RAW – sexy and healthy

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UBUD RAW is a revolutionary concept in chocolate: freshly handmade, untempered Raw Chocolate which is made from just two healthy plants: Cacao and Coconut. UBUD RAW chocolate is 100% vegan, but it tastes smoother and creamier than milk chocolate but also has a potent cacao flavor like a dark chocolate.


UBUD RAW is a young and fast-growing business founded just one year ago by British filmmaker and photographer Rolf Gibbs, who   settled in Bali after 10 years of constant world travel. In Bali he discovered a passion for chocolate-making, initially inspired by creamy Swiss and Belgian chocolates, but using locally grown raw cacao. After just a few months of experimentation, Rolf stumbled upon a new method that has created a chocolate that he realized was not only a much healthier chocolate experience, but also tasted superior to any chocolate he had tasted before. Today UBUD RAW are are selling in 70 locations throughout Bali, on Lombok and in Tokyo, Japan.


UBUD RAW is fresh chocolate, with a refrigerated shelf life of just 7 days. Every day of the week, except Sunday (when we rest), we make and deliver new chocolate to our outlets.


UBUD RAW chocolate is much tastier and creamier than conventional chocolate, and this is why needs to be kept refrigerated for maximum living freshness.


Amazingly, all THREE flavors of our chocolate (Cashew & Raisin, Pure & Raw, and Mint & Goji Berry) are equally popular, and they always have been. In fact, UBUD RAW has never experienced a month where there was a greater difference than 10% between sales of each flavor.


UBUD RAW is a sustainable business which was started with an initial investment of just 100k Rupiah, (approx. US $8). One kilo of cacao was used to make chocolate, which was then sold to the first customers. Using the money raised, 3 kilos of cacao were bought, and so on. Ever since, UBUD RAW has grown in a totally organic way, we are 100% funded by the community of chocolate eaters who have already bought and enjoyed our products. This is crowdfunding in its purest form.


Our factory store in Ubud will be opening to the public in late August or September. This is where the freshest chocolate will be available, and where people can see the chocolate being made by hand and educate themselves about Raw Chocolate.


Until very recently, UBUD RAW has done no marketing whatsoever for our products, and we are just taking baby steps in that direction now. As our chocolate doesn’t even have any packaging, our naked chocolate has really been selling itself, from display chillers and fridges in our partner outlets, just by the way the chocolate looks and tastes. But now we are looking forward to developing a creative, playful and original marketing style.


UBUD RAW chocolate is a very rare example of a product that is both SEXY and HEALTHY.


The future plans for UBUD RAW include a worldwide franchise network of small, local businesses designed around the first Ubud Factory Shop. In each location, fresh raw chocolate will be hand-made and delivered to local partner outlets, using raw materials supplied from Bali, and using sustainable and low emission transportation systems (bicycles, electric vehicles, public transportation, etc.). Each raw chocolate factory will also include a shop to educate the public about raw chocolate, and where they can see the hand-making process, and to provide our chocolate in its freshest possible state.



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