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Turmeric has in the last couple of years really made it to the top of the list of natural immune system boosters. Besides its usage in food, the root has been used as medicine in India for thousands of years.

What especially makes turmeric beneficial to your health, is the active ingredient curcumin. Curcumin is widely known for having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on your body. Many quality studies are now giving scientific proof on what the Indians has known and preached for years.


Turmeric has an antibacterial effect and has proven to decrease the formation of bacteria in open wounds. Furthermore, because of its function as an antioxidant, it prevents free radicals from harming the cells in your body. This can improve numerous things in your health, from your skin, memory, heart and much more.


Inflammation is our own natural medical response to detected harmful damage happening in our body. Without it your body wouldn’t be able to heal from wounds and infections. Anti-inflammatory sources works as a booster for the body’s own inflammatory response and is used as a common medicine for a lot of chronic diseases including, heart disease, cancer, alzheimer etc.
Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has been shown to have if not the same, then even better effectiveness compared to some of the artificial produced anti-inflammatory medicines.


Turmeric is usually used in its ground form. It has an amazing yellow color and a mild flavor and can therefore be used in almost everything. Try color your rice or breads with it or put it in your breakfast smoothie. If you can engage it in your meals, you will easily get the proper amount, without changing your everyday routine.

At Motion we definitely acknowledge this root and all of the positive effect it has on your body. With this in mind, we have developed a delicious HEAL – TURMERIC BOOST DRINK, inspired by the famous Indonesian natural remedy “Jamu”. Besides turmeric, we added pepper to this health-booster. Piperine is a compound found in pepper and it enhances the absorption of curcumin by 2000 %.

The drink can be bought in store at Motion café in Canggu or directly from our webshop. 100 % pure ingredients.

Article by Sofie Seersholm

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