Trainer of the Month… ALDHY

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Trainer of the Month…



Motion Fitness Bali is happy to introduce you our Trainer of the month Aldhy…

If you want a good cardio workout, mostly focused on abs and core, Aldhy is the best trainer for you.

Aldhy has been working for several Club Med Resorts in Asia and being responsible for all kind of guest related service especially Sport & Fitness trainer.

Aldhy is specialized in Tabata workouts.

His training is hard but precise.
His motivation power has no limits and brings you further than you have ever believed. Aldhy has found his destiny and is happy to be able to combine his hobby with work. Surely you will enjoy every session.

How – why did you decide to become a trainer?

I enjoy living a fit, healthy life and want to share the benefits of fitness with other people. I love to see people enjoying the results of our training.

What is your favorite workout (cardio _ weights _ which part of the body do you like to train_ what is your training style…)?

Cardio is my favorite workout because it’s a full body workout and you can really feel alive so just follow me and do the best you can! I like to train the full body for a good balanced workout. My training style is to mix it up to keep your body busy and never get boring!

An anecdote about you or a success story with a client you want to share?

My latest client was afraid to start fitness again but now he is feeling so confident after just 1 week training. He is seeing the results with a more toned body and now he is ready to find a new girlfriend with his new body!

An advice you will give to a client who wants start fitness with you…?

Let’s try and see how you feel after your first class. I will suggest a training program at the level you feel comfortable with and to achieve the results you are looking for. Let me know if you have any problems or it’s your first time before we start a class.

Describe your workout in one or two words…
High energy to make you feel amazing!




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