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Train With Melanie

Personal Fitness & Nutrition Trainer for more than 15 years, Certificate IV in Fitness – Specialised in body shaping, weight loss, lifestyle transformation and nutrition planning

Melanie, born in Germany now calls Bali home, residing here with her family since 2006.

Mel studied at the BA Health and Fitness Academy in Cologne, Germany, and has graduated with a Bachelor of Fitness and Nutrition in 2005.

Throughout Mel’s career she has positively impacted and changed thousands of women’ lives.

Specialising in body shaping, weight loss, rehabilitation training, lifestyle changes, meditation and nutrition planning.

Mel leads a life where healthy eating and fitness are her ‘DNA’ and shares her wealth of knowledge motivating people to improve their fitness and well-being for a healthier state of mind.

Mel’s has made her footprint heard among the Bali locals/expats and many travellers that visit the island of paradise. Throughout her many years of experience with clients, she has created some kick-ass group classes as well as fitness challenges accompanied by delicious and very effective healthy meal plans.

Previously only available to people who attended her gym, we have now made a few of Mel’s fantastic specialties available for everybody here online. You are only one step away from a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Join Mel’s challenge and be ready for a new you!

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