Thirsty or hungry? Or what?

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Do you like and crave soft drinks, fruit juice, diet drinks, and alcohol?
If so, then don’t expect any good for your health and shape.
Often we are craving for a tasty drink because we are hungry and need nutrition. A snack to bite would be a much better choice.
During drinking a tasty sweet drink, we absorb lots of sugar as calories. The better choice would be to have a snack as peace of fruit or a handful of nuts, carrots, a yogurt, etc…

Drinking the above drinks makes us more hungry and chooses the wrong food because of the high amount of sugar, we want more and increasing our daily calorie intake form here.
So if you are feeling thirsty, then choose the thurst quencher number one water. Further, I recommend pure tea, black coffee (2-3cup/daily), or naturally infused water. For years, I am on the mission to create natural, healthy drinks, not overloaded with sugar and calories but more than water and tea with much more benefits. These drinks are used for different situations and doing their work excellent. The absorption of Vitamins and Electrolytes in the form of liquids is easy and fast for our body.

Motion Fitness Foods now has six drinks to offer, which I drink as my body asks for it when needed or for my particular target as doing a detox or want to burn fat. For example, if we’re going to prevent getting sick, fighting a cold and flu, or inflammation, the Turmeric Boost is the best and called HEAL. The Pure Elixier is green and light and perfect for detoxifying your system daily or as a healthy treat for some days. So we named it DETOX as that is what it does. It’s great after a night with lots of boost or foods full of acid after a BBQ. 🙂 It flushes the body through a load of ginger and parsley and giving plenty of hydrating, as in one bottle is a total of two cucumbers. The Vitamins kicks up with the additional lemon. 

The first Motion drink I did is the Slim Tonic. The basic recipe I got from a Brazilian client about 12 years ago! I tuned it with some additional spice and drunk this tonic for two weeks daily and was fascinated that it worked. My skin tightens, and I felt I burn more fat during my workouts. 

I highly recommend doing so too or drinking it between your meals and BURN more calories through the perfect chosen ingredients.

As with all Motion drinks, this drink is 600ml and best to drink completely after opening in max 30min for best benefits. 

When I feel tired and still have a full day ahead or wanna push strong during my workout and shed some weight, I drink the Lean Green Tea. The combination of green tea and lemon has an extreme impact on the body and mindset. It gives me energy for hours, and I can’t drink it too late in the day as I am sensitive and have a hard time finding sleep. BUT it does what it called as it genuinely PUSHesThe drinks HEAL, DETOX, and PUSH we have already for a while at Motion Cafe, same as our Coconut water daily, freshly bottled or freshly served out of the coconut. The HYDRATE drink is lovely, and a bottle per day is just right for everybody! 

One of my fav, and maybe yes, it might have to do with my age..;) is the Aloe Vera Juice, which has 100% anti-aging properties! This fresh drink comes in only a 300ml bottle and is divine. 

Having already done these drinks made by my motivation to feel and look good in any kind and time and share this with everybody, I still search for more. Maybe it came through the Coronavirus that I was thinking about what is missing in the Motion drink series. 🙂 I had not to overthink, and actually, it was already on my plate for a while. Now plenty of time to think, to try and create. My morning routine is essential to me and starts with tea always. Depending on my mood, I choose between green, herbals, and spices or mix them all. Mostly I cut fresh ginger into any warm drink I do. Starting to think more about a new Motion Drink, I experimented with combining ingredients full of benefits. All combinations tasted lovely, but I wanted to get the most out of it. So over a couple of days, I created a healthy, Probiotics & Electrolyte drink I was craving. 

I drink it for many weeks, and I can guaranty it does what it calls RECOVER my and, hopefully, your system. Daily I cook 1,2 liter of it and drink one warm cup early morning and then let it cool. Then I am drinking cup by cup over the day, and it is refreshing and nourishes me. It has null sugar and calories but is dense in micronutrients. 

Ingredients are Fresh Ginger and Turmeric, Apple cider vinegar, Lemon, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Black Pepper.

My Motion slogan and mission is:  Experience the Power of Food as Medicine! And with all my heart and passion, I will keep doing what I am living for and my purpose of making people happy, healthy, and strong.

Your Mel

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