The Vegan 3 ingredient Oat Cookie

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Recipe & Story

Do you like to eat a snack while you are busy with work, exercise a lot, or just getting satisfaction?

Snacking is a great energy boost and at the same time keeps our metabolism busy in a good way. It keeps you off getting cravings and eating too much for dinner too. A snack-size would be the size of your palm or one cupped hand.

These vegan cookies are fabulous and just made with a base of 3 ingredients.
You can add any other taste and favorite ingredients to it as chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruits like me. I used dried apricots.
Apricots are rich in Vitamin A and Iron.
These oat cookies are real whole food and balanced in nutrition as also rich in micronutrients.
It is essential to have a snack easy to grab in the house, which fulfills me, giving me energy, and still, I feel light and can keep going, and I am up for it. It is a great pre sports snack too.
Make sure you eat the cookies and having a glass to drink with it as a simple glass of water, tea, or coffee.
Eating one of these cookies with my coffee or tea feels excellent, and I have no carvings at all. I never have two, as one is enough for me.

At Motion Fitness Foods, we have two different cookies, which are lovely!
The Oat cookies with a nice coconut flavor and the Peanut Choko cookies! Motion fans love them!
Here I give you a recipe to make them on your own, even not in Bali 🙂
Still, since I am not all year long in Bali and spoiled to my Motion Cafe, I continuously make new combinations of healthy snacks at home and love to share them with you.
This cookie recipe is super easy to do and rich in nutrients and filling as the Motion Cafe Cookies for everybody having an oven. Enjoy!

The Vegan Oat Cookie
Preparation time 5min
Backing time 20-25min, until firm and slightly brown
Cooling time 1hour, wait until completely cool before putting in a box.
10 Cookies

Big bowl,
Spatula or spoon
Baking sheet and paper

2 cups (160g) whole Oats
1/2 cup (125g) Peanut butter
2 Bananas, 1,25cup (285g)

Optional ingredients
1tsp Stevia powder
1pinch Himalaya salt
1tsp Vanilla extract
8 dried Apricots

Warm up the oven and prepare your baking sheet with baking paper.
Mash the bananas until they are nice smoothly.
Chop the apricots finely.
Then mix the banana mash with the peanut butter, salt, vanilla, and stevia until well combined.
Afterward, add the oats and dried apricots and fold them under the wet ingredients.
Make ten balls out of the dough and push them flat onto the baking sheet.
Put them in the center of the oven and bake at 190 degrees for 20-25min..
Take them directly from the baking sheet and cool them on a grid.

Let food be the medicine and medicine the food. Hippocrates

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