The power of stress

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In this article, I want to open up and get really personal. Why? Because I want to show you that you are not alone, when it comes to hormone and stress issues. I want to explain to you what worked for me and might also work for you to deal with these issues.

It started a while ago. I reacted differently in daily situations and thought to myself, okay Mel, now you have to be a grown up. I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

I was always open for any type of fun, open-hearted to everyone, being myself as a woman and lived my vision of life and loved it.

When I started to feel first changes, I realized I was on constant alert, went to fast in my thoughts and talking, impatience followed. I reacted rougher and gosh so sensitive to certain things I never expected AND couldn’t stop it.

I lost borders, I said everything directly and unfiltered into everyone’s face.

At the same time, my PMS became a nightmare and stayed four days of the month. I should have stayed at home, alone and tape my mouth and hands. Before all this, I was a woman who didn’t really believe that PMS would exist.

Magnesium was the biggest help here. Double the dose on these PMS days to 500mg.

Years were passing and I kept moving on, trying to get myself together and find natural solutions and hoping that this inner restless will calm down again BUT it didn’t. Meditation and yoga helped, but what was most important: Accepting. I said to myself, yes Mel you are getting older and you have to accept the changes.

I realized I am an adrenaline junky. I work best on stress. I need it for handling my daily life and that is actually not that negative.

Stress is positive too and gives us a lot of power. It gives us the strength to do incredible things and push through projects without hunger, sleep or feeling even pain. Constantly we have these adrenal overload and don’t take enough rest till we get STRESSED & WIRED. At some point, we need to listen to our body.

With that realization, today I try to take everything much easier. I learned a lot about myself and the growing as an adult and I say growing here not aging, this is what it is. …Life is fast and unpredictable and we are not perfect and I might still be stressed & wired, but I can handle it much better.

After an “attack” I immediately get calmer, eat calming food, do some Yin Yoga, do a massage or like this week call my hubby at 2pm and say, get me out of office at 4pm and bring me to the movies – during the week! It is good sometimes to sneak out of our daily routine because suddenly the day after feels much lighter and I you will get your patience back.

So watch yourself and if you know what I am talking about, I advise you to be nice to yourself and listen to your people.

You might struggle and don’t want to calm down as it slows you and it might hurt in the beginning, emotions and a weakness which is not easy to feel but as you get there and release you will achieve an inner strength which is better as I could believe.

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