The History and Benefits of MOTION’S Magic & Miracle Soup

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Since I can remember, I see my mum cooking this big pot of vegetable soup once every month.

She would eat 3-5 days just these vegetable soup until it’s finish or until she had enough of it. She ate the soup even for breakfast, so she would have about 4-6 bowls of soup a day. In Germany we call this kind of treatment: Entschlackung (= purification). My mom was not doing a full detox, because she still would drink her coffee, black tea and smoke cigarettes!

When I was a kid, I asked my mum why she is eating this terrible soup all the time. It seemed so strange to me! Her answer was that she feels healthy if doing it and saving some money at the same time. Today I know she did it to keep her top figure but she did not admit to this at that time. No one else in our family was doing this and she also never forced me to do it, because as a kid, I didn’t like this soup at all! I even couldn’t stand the smell of it. This has definitely changed over time. But what I did notice very well, were the changes and effects on my mum when she had her “soup phase”. She seemed to be happier and “felt super good in her skin”.

My mum has always been a hard worker. There is nothing she can’t do (or at least she wouldn’t admit it), and she was always helping others. For me she was such a power-rocket / an eager-beaver until today. She was never really into sports but always moving and doing things all day long, never taking naps during the day. She has kept her figure until today and has also never been sick a single day in her life! At 67 years of age, my mum is healthy, strong and looks amazing!

A lot of beauty tricks that work really well and that I recommend to my clients today are derived from what I saw and learned at home, with my mum as a role model.

I have a degree in fitness and nutrition and have learned about the benefits of an alkaline diet and body. In my early times as fitness coach, I wanted to get more control over the nutrition of my clients and help them to achieve their goals without suffering too much. I basically looked for a solution to give them a kick-start and great motivation in the beginning of their trainings. Suddenly I remembered the soup my mum used to make. I called her and asked for the recipe and she told me about her experience with it over the last 40 years. She still does it today!
That evening, I made the first big pot of Magic Soup in Bali. I split the soup in portions and started my own first detox ever. I did it complete without coffee and any animal products. I felt fantastic and ended up doing it for a whole week! Lots of kgs lighter, a super smooth skin and lots of energy, I felt great!
Most of the kilos I lost, were from water weight in the beginning. The second part of the week I started losing fat too. I realised that it is important to keep moving during the detox, doing exercise to keep your energy high and to make the fat melt too. If you are on a detox and just sit and meditate, you will loose a lot of muscles.

Back in those days I was teaching classes and PT’s up to 10hrs per day and it was not a problem at all. I even made dinner for my family in the evening while doing the soup detox. I had almost no cravings and loved it! People around me noticed the difference too as I looked leaner and sharper in my face. So I made the 2nd pot of soup, divided into portions again. With the soups in my backpack I drove to my clients and gave them the soup to try. It was a true success for them, and therefore also for me!

From that moment on, I started to cook the soup every week. It worked so well and a lot of my clients loved to take the soup home after the evening fitness class. I had this beautiful little gym in Legian and the chiller was filled with just the Magic Soup to go. I still swear by this soup and it is still my mum’s original recipe. We call it Magic Soup because the magic is: the more you eat of it, the more wheight you loose. It is true! And it is magical not to be hungry but at the same time fuelling your body with just vitamins, mineral and fiber-rich food.

Today, I am not doing days of Magic Soup every month, but I do eat a lot of them for dinner. Maybe 2-3 days per week. It is just so easy to pick a jar of soup at the tuck shop of Motion Café. If I don’t get enough protein during the day, I will add an egg-white omelet, tofu, chicken or fish. I love that flat stomach in the morning, plus, it is also a metabolism booster. So the run to the toilet in the morning is guaranteed.

About soup detox, alkaline and acid

As a gentle detox, this soups help your body to get more alkaline, and fact is that an alkaline body is easier to keep lean, energized, healthy, strong; helps to clear your mind and get rid of toxins and fat as well. Toxins are only stored in our body fat and that is what makes us tired, sluggish, sick, slow and moody.
It is dangerous to be overloaded with acid, especially if you are someone who drinks alcohol, more that 2 cups of coffee a day, overload the body with protein, junk food and lots of processed foods. If you are a person like that I strongly recommend to give your body a break once in a while! If you don’t want a full detox or want to try a gentle fast first, try the Magic Soup!

At Motion Cafe and Store we offer two different kind of our detoxifying soups. Both soups have the same ingredients but the Magic Soup has chunks of vegetables inside and the Miracle Soup is blended. I ended up blending the soup for people/kids who doesn’t like chunks of veggies. Both soups are working amazing, but keep in mind that if you keep vegetables or fruits whole, they will contain much more fiber and nutrition. All blended foods lose a bit of their qualities.

The digestion of mashed, blended foods is easier and faster, and therefore the metabolism doesn’t work so hard to break down and extract the important nutrients. Also, you need to know that by digesting food, we are also burning calories. The harder the food to digest, such as protein, whole grains and fresh vegetables, the more calories we burn through digestion, which is a positive side effect to loose weight and get lean.

Even if you do not want to do a complete detox, the Magic Soupis a fat killer, especially if you combine it with a with a lean protein source, such as an egg-white omelette, tofu/tempeh, Shiitake mushrooms or chicken/fish. It is also a great help to maintain/lose weight.

Here are some examples how you can use the Magic Soup as a mild detox and have results after the first 2 days for sure! You will get hooked!
Pure Magic Soup Detox (4-6 glasses per day)
or  Eat 2 Magic Soups per day. Replace 1 daily meal with it and have one as a snack between meals.
or  Eat 1 Magic Soup a day, for dinner, feel free to combine it with lean protein (140g)
or  2-3 Magic Soups+ 2 Protein shakes a day.
or  2 Fruit Salads + 2 -3 Magic Soups a day.
or  2-3 Magic Soup+ 2 x 4 egg whites omelets a day.
or  2 x Coconut Water+ 3 x Magic Soupa day.

Save some money and trouble and order the Magic Soup in bulk at our online shop including delivery. The Magic Soup can be stored in a chiller for about 5 days and its perfectly fine to to freeze them too. I believe it is one of the easiest ways to make a healthy choice in your life and to achieve and maintain results for your wellbeing

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