The diet we all need

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A recent survey from the UK showed that we check our phone between 100 and 150 times a day. We sleep with our phone next to the bed and check our emails first thing in the morning. We spend so much time online and yet we feel more disconnected than ever before. Ask yourself:

  • Do you sometimes feel the urge to pull out your smartphone while someone else is making a point in a conversation?
  • Have you ever felt that something hasn’t really happened until you post it on social media?

Yes? Well, maybe it’s time to press the virtual pause button and reboot yourself with a digital diet.

Here are some useful tips for your digital diet:

  • Got to bed without checking your phone at least one hour before and of course no TV or computer either. Instead, read a book or try to meditate
  • Put all electronic devices in another room then your bedroom.
  • Use a “normal” alarm clock then you don’t need your phone next to your bed
  • Begin your day with a cup of coffee or tea without any gadgets – no emails.
  • Move: Go to Motion Fitness and exercise to connect with your body. Again leave your phone at home.
  • Getting out in nature is a great stress reliever. Enjoy a beach walk, watch a stunning sunset and for once don’t take a picture – simply just enjoy.

Do you feel like you need a real break from the digital world? Then you might need not only a digital diet but also a digital detox. We suggest doing a detox weekend, to reboot yourself and then you set some boundaries. Put your phone away for a whole weekend or at least a whole day. Go out, move and enjoy your day with no stress to put it on social media. After your detox think about how much time you spent online before your detox and set some boundaries.

If you have no idea how much time you actually spent online, this tool might help you: Rescue Time. The software breaks down how much time you spent on your computer, phone or social media.

A digital diet helps you to create a healthy relationship with your phone. It gives you time to connect with the people around you and enjoy life and it’s beauty not get likes but just because it’s beautiful.

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