The Bikini Model Diet

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The Bikini Model Diet.


This Nutrition Program by Motion Fitness is directly inspired from the diet requested by one of our client bikini fitness competitor.

It is a 5 meals/day plan designed by the professional Bikini Model. The aim of this diet is to boost your metabolism, get rid of all the body fat while promoting the lean mass. This is a 100% success guaranty with AMAZING results.

This is a 6 days strict diet with very clean food (no oil – no salt – no sugar)

If you want to reach very fast your targets this is the perfect nutrition plan.

Get ready to achieve the body of your dream….! We will provide you all the support to stay on track and not giving up

After those 6 days, your body will already get a faster metabolism. You will burn fat more quickly than before the diet.

For the following week, we can provide you a maintaining nutrition plan. Our program will help you to reach your targets and maintain them for a long-term period.

This is the best investment you can offer to your body.

Our bikini model diet is a specific diet to get a very lean body, you need to set your mind before and be strong for 6 days! You will be amazed by the results and won’t regret it!

For more information or book your Bikini Model Diet, send us am email :

Vegetarian and Vegan option available on request

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