Fitness Holidays with Motion

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Motion Fitness is a lot more than most people know. We offer personalized holiday packages especially designed for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Last month we had the privilege to support Andrew in his health journey. Not only physically but also mentally. We were very happy to have him with us and to see his amazing progress in just two weeks!

We talked about his experience with Motion Fitness Holiday..

Name: Andrew

Age: 28

Country: Australia

– Why did you choose Motion Fitness? 

I was looking into a number of wellness and lifestyle programs in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia in order to lose weight and improve my health. The enthusiasm and support I received from the Motion Fitness team during my inquiries was miles above the rest. I knew straight away that I would be really well looked after.

– Tell me more about your experience with us..

The experience was tough but extremely rewarding. It was great to have all the food and planning taken care of so that all I had to focus on was training as hard as possible.

– What did you find the most challenging?

The juice detox days were tough at first but fortunately the juices were delicious and surprisingly filling.

– What has surprised you most about this program?

In the past I’ve often trained by doing low reps of heavy weights, so I was really impressed to see how beneficial it was to flip that process around – high reps, lower weights and lots of time under tension. It was great!

– Did you experience any changes or improvements with this program?

I dropped nearly seven kilos in two weeks, cut down my measurements and saw my core strength and stability improve.

– Would you recommend us and why?

Absolutely. I got to work with an awesome team of wellness, fitness and nutrition professionals who were able to design and adapt a program to suit my specific needs.


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