ORAL HEALTH A healthy mouth means a healthy body. A look inside can tell your doctor volumes about what’s going on in your body. Over time, your teeth build up plaque and bacteria that cause irritation to the gums. These plaques can cause infection in your gums and the bones that support your teeth. This […]


WHAT IS METABOLIC RATE? The term ‘metabolism’ describes how our body transforms energy to be able to run all its functions to keep us alive. How does our body burn our calories? The rate at which our body burns these calories is our metabolic rate. If you can maintain a healthy metabolic rate, you will […]


After a months of many events and travels, it is not easy to get back to your routine. But luckily there are some shortcuts on how to gradually adjust ourselves to the normal life. There are several foods that can help us in this recovery, thanks to its contribution of nutrients (water, electrolytes, fiber), vitamins and […]


If you are in Bali, you’ve probably seen them. Amazing body, tanned skin, wavy hair, basically the whole package. Yes, the surfers look is definitely the hottest look. So let us tell you why.. Surfing is a real full body workout. It will benefit your cardio, strengthen your upper and lower body, and improve core […]

Bikini Body a la Mel

With this 5 exercises, you will reach most of your muscles. Mainly performing bodyweight exercises is a simple and effective way to improve strength, muscular definition and flexibility. Here I show you how easy it is to exercise at home using any kind of equipment. Whether it is in your hotel room, on the beach, a playground, at home or anywhere […]

Fit & Slim Anti-aging Weekend

  Save the date! On May 13 + 14 we have our first Fit & Slim weekend for this year! It will be all about the anti-aging. A full weekend in a luxury villa dedicated to clean eating, fitness, yoga, meditation, massages, anti-aging workshops, happiness and more! These two days will give you noticeable results, […]

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