Sweet treats without regrets?

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At Avocado Cafe we offer a wide range of homemade sweets with different flours, sweeteners and special ingredients like zucchini, carrots, and beetroot. We only use high-quality products, whenever possible we choose organic products and almost all our supplies come from local farmers.

And now we want to give you some of the nutrition facts…

Most of our products are gluten free for example our banana bread, light chocolate brownie, paleo brownie, zucchini muffin, beetroot brownie and the carrot cake. As a substitute for wheat flour, we use dried coconut, almond flour, cassava flour, sweet potato flour, rice flour or shredded veggies. These substitutions are way better for your health because they contain more nutrients and fiber than simple wheat flour and don’t result in a high insulin spike.

To make our sweeties sweet we use raw coconut sugar, dates, bananas, honey and spices like cinnamon and vanilla. Those sweeteners are healthier and better for you than processed sugar – but you know that. 😉 They contain also a little bit of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and fiber.

Another good thing about our deserts is, that most of our sweets are dairy free. Many people have problems with digesting dairy. Some people have a lack of the enzyme lactase, some people struggle in general digesting the proteins in dairy. All in all, this leads us to make most of our sweets dairy free.

Our recommendation as always: moderation is the key! But hey it’s weekend so time to treat yourself with a cake 🙂

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