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Sweat Out Your Toxins

Your body is set up to detox itself and the primary organs that does this are the liver and the kidneys.

Sometimes these organs are not able to get rid of some toxins because the load is too big. One thing you can do to help your organs to detox is sweat out the toxins. For example through exercise or sauna.

The toxins that doesn’t leave the body, will get stored in the fat, so you can boost the detox trough sweat! Fat is energy that has been stored and dumpster for toxins. If the fat gets overloaded and the person takes a lot of toxins, then you can notice problems like your metabolism gets slower, blood circulation issues and skin problems.

Research has shown heavy metals like arsenic, mercury and lead in sweat after exercise or sauna. Just like you can absorb toxins trough your skin you can also get them out from your skin trough sweat. This is only one reason why you should exercise and sweat as much as possible during a session.

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