Supplement recommendation for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Vitamin B12 + Omega 3

As I always teach, if you eat a balanced, varied, and nutrient-dense diet, there is no need to take supplements.
There are just some exceptions as pregnant women or people working under harsh conditions and athletes that many years drill their bodies.

In the time of fast food, environmental changes, town lover, digital addicts and worker, dieting freaks, and all of these couch potatoes, some supplements can support a lag of vitamins essential for our whole body system and well being.

All Vitamin B’s are build by plants besides Vitamin B12.
This Vitamin is built by bacteria’s which are not built-in plants. This means that vegetarians and especially vegan people should take a supplement.
It is recommended a daily intake of 250mg.
A pregnant vegan woman has to take it for as the miss can cause severe neurologic problems for the baby.
If they don’t eat fish, it is recommended to take an Omega 3 supplement. 2 of the best vegan form is from seaweed or flaxseed oil.

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This are all Vitamin B’s: B 1-B7 = Biotin – B9 = Folsäure u B12
They all work together and relay to each other.
A pregnant woman gets from the doctor, usually Vitamin B9.
If this is higher, it affects the amount of B12, which will be too low.
The one Vitamin B gets overloaded by the other.
It is still not known enough if a Vitamin B complex would be the best choice.

Taken 2mg or less a day Vitamin B12 in the supplement is unlikely to cause any harm to your body. An adult above 18 years old need about 1,5mg per day.

Vitamin B is built through water and getting easy out of the body without
having an overload in our body. Still, if it’s Vitamins, minerals superfoods, DON’T goes over the recommended intake or ask a doctor.
Vitamins as B, C are made by water, and you pee them out, and they are not stored. These are different from Vitamins (EDAK), which you build and store through fat.
Read more about the super Vitamin D here.
As Vitamin D had in a test, the result of an 11% longer lifetime, Vitamin B has shown a 12% lower risk of stroke.
In some test results, the teamwork of Vitamin B taken with a rich amount of Fish oil can prevent brain reduction.
I recommend vegans and vegetarians take Omega 3 if you have not eaten fish or not enough and Vitamin B complex. Vitamin D is good to take, especially from October to March or when living very north where the sun is less seen.
Be up to date and follow and check the results of scientific studies! Today we learn more through long time statistics as they a regular at Harvard University, as right now the benefits of Vitamin D3 are combined with a high amount of Omega 3.

Still, I prefer to get all my micronutrients through eating a variety of whole foods and just take supplements in moderation and if needed.

Vitamin B12 is hard to find in plant foods. Mostly it is in fortified vegan foods as in seaweed, natural yeast, soy products, coconut milk, cereals…and plenty of more vegan proceed foods. I can’t recommend this as I would prefer to pop a supplement to not eat too much processed foods.
If you take a B12 supplement, you can do this for a time period and store it in the body. There is no need to do this all year long.

There is no doubt that you can as a vegetarian or vegan a healthy and robust body and mind.
Email me if you want to learn more.

Experience the Power of Food as medicine.

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