Super Food Week : Spirulina

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Spirulina…what’s it all about?

Spirulina is 100% natural and a highly nutritious micro salt water plant.

It was discovered in South American and Africa in natural alkaline lakes. This spiral shaped algae is a rich food source. For a long time (centuries) this algae has constituted a significant part of the diet of many communities.

Since the 1970’s, Spirulina has been well known and widely used as a dietary supplement in some countries.


So, what are the benefits?

Spirulina contains rich vegetable protein (60~ 63 %, 3~4 times higher than fish or beef ), multi Vitamins (Vitamin B 12 is 3~4 times higher than animal liver), which is particularly lacking in a vegetarian diet. It contains a wide range of minerals (including Iron, Potassium, Magnesium Sodium, Phosphorus, Calcium etc.), a high volume of Beta- carotene which protects cells (5 time more than carrots, 40 time more than spinach), high volumes of gamma-Linolein acid (which can reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease). Further, Spirulina contains Phycocyanin which can only be found in Spirulina.

In USA, NASA have chosen to use it for astronauts food in space, and even plan to grow and harvest it in space stations in the near future.

Spiriluna is incredibly packed in nutrition and very easy to include in your diet ( Generally sold as a powder you can add it in your soup, smoothie, shake, yoghurt,  granola…)

Spirulina – Green Smoothie

2 cup of spinach

1 green apple

1 pear

1 tbsp spirulina powder

1/2 lemon (or lime)

2 celery stick

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