Aloe Vera – 300ml

IDR 45.000,00

Natural and clean drink made out of aloe vera, coconut water, lemon and nothing else.

  • Increases alkalization, reduces acidity in your body
  • Great source of vitamin A,C,E and B12
  • Hydrating properties
  • Helps to balance metabolism
  • Helps to reduce inflammation

Best to consume after workout or as refreshing drink in the morning.

Ingredients: aloe vera, coconut water, lemon.

100% pure, no preservatives, no added sugar.

Exp. Date: 5 days



All Motion drinks are homemade with natural ingredients only. You will not find any kind of artificial additives such as preservatives, flavour enhancer or colorants in any of our products. We also refrain from refined sugars, using honey at the most.