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Slim Booster detox based on natural brown rice


The Benefits of the cleanse . . .

This light brown rice cleanse is especially useful for dropping a few quick pounds, and it’s a great way to transition from an unhealthy diet into a better diet.

A brown rice cleanse is based on macrobiotic principles and low sodium for body balance.

You don’t feel like you’re on a cleansing at all, yet it does the trick. It’s a diet that uses rice as a nutrient building food, fruits and nuts as concentrated cleansing supplements.

It eliminates meat and dairy protein. A brown rice cleanse is high in fiber, potassium, natural iodine, and other minerals, so most people notice improvement in their hair, skin texture and nail growth.

Everybody loses 5-8 pound weight and feels improvement in vitality and energy levels right away during this cleanse.

A brown rice diet is the best cleansing diet for working people. With our box delivery service it can fit easily into your lifestyle.

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