Should you exercise when you are sick?

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Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you feel like you have been hit by a car. This is when you know that all the immune system boost have not helped, you are feeling under the weather

If you are a regular gym-goer you will ask yourself: to train or not to train? A moderate amount of exercise can help you boost your immune system and maybe even bring back the energy you need, but do “ the neck check” first. Anything at or above throat level generally means a thumbs up to training.

If you have a severe cold or flu-like symptoms, your lungs are now compromised and busy. This means you should avoid exercising. If your body aches, you feel nauseous, excessive tiredness or have a fever, that means you should go straight back to bed. Your body needs the energy to fight off the bacteria.

How long to rest?

If you are feeling a little better, but you are still not sure, whether to train or not. Ask your body. If you feel like you are just not up to exercise then don’t do it yet. Always wait until the fever is gone before returning to your exercise routine and for significant symptoms, like vomiting or general ache, to pass. You will get the best results when you wait until your energy and muscle strength increases.

Ease back slowly into your regular work routine and don’t assume that you can go 100% right away, start with only 70% and eat well before you train. Also, make sure, you have a recovery snack, and keep your workout simple and comfortable until you’re 100%.

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