Shape, Tone, & Shred your Body!

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Shape, Tone and Shred Trainings plan:

3 days Training, 1 day off for 6 weeks 

Do these different work outs in rotation one by one. 

Start with Strength Endurance, follow with Strength and finish with HIIT have a rest day repeat.

Day 1 Strength Endurance Training

Where you go just with one leg as the steps and lunges, you can do 10/20 each side and swop the leg. All with own body weight. Do all counts in total. 

Warm up easy 10min cardio• 100steps up• 90Crunch• 80Squat• 70Bycycle crunch • 60Lunges (each leg) • 50Plank 40Jumping jack • 30rowing • 20Side lunge• 10Mountain climber• Repeat• 20 Side lunge• 30Rowing……100steps

Cool Down 20min walking on treadmill, incline 1, not too fast

Stretching each muscle part 20sec, not to strong

This is a good day to do Yoga or a long Chakra cleansing Meditation.

Day 2 Weightlift Training 

Do the exercise you like and put a focus where its desired, as the glute + legs or Back and chest…

Choose the weight that you can lift 25 times for 2 sets. set break 45sec. 

Day 3 HIIT. • Warm up 10min• 12 interval • 20sec 90-95hf/max• 40sec slow down • Cool down 10min

This interval count has shown lots of success with my personal Trainings and my own training

Also here it is good to combine Yoga, flexibility training, and meditation. 

Balance your hormones. Keep Cortisol low.

Visible changes after 2 x already.

If you have any question and/or want to follow this trainings plan right with Mel, text her on @MelanieBomba !

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