Renee Cowling – bikini competitor in the Australian IFBB Federation

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In August 2015 I travelled solo to Bali for a total of 8 days.
As a bikini/fitness competitor in the Australian IFBB Federation, a part of my daily ritual is to eat healthy and train hard.

I got in contact with Clementine at Avocado Café/Motion Fitness a good 4 weeks prior to my trip and was thrilled when she confirmed that her team of amazing chefs would be able to cook my 6 meals EXACTLY how I’d like (no additives, no oils, very clean) and deliver to my hotel every single day.

When I arrived to my hotel, my first lots of meals were delivered. I paid the driver in full, and every day the driver would deliver on time. The food was FRESH, tasted incredible, packaged beautifully in separate boxes and labelled for me, PLUS they brought my special “detox” drink fresh every day! This was a HUGE weight off my shoulders and surprisingly was super cheap too!!

I honestly cannot thank the team at Avocado Café enough for making my trip to Bali a happy, stress free and healthy one.  I know whether I’m in my offseason or in comp prep, I can travel to my favorite destination knowing my diet will always be on track.
I go to Bali generally twice a year these days, and I will always turn to the beautiful people at Avocado Café for their AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS food, and to Motion Fitness for their AWESOME fitness classes.

See you and the team again in 2016

Renee Cowling

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