What You Need To Know About Protein

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Protein is an essential element of your body!

Protein pushes your metabolism and keeps you saturated for a longer period of time compared to the same amount of carbs.


But how much Protein do you need?

For people with a normal activity level it is recommended to get 0,8 g/kg/body weight per day.

For all you fitness junkies it is totally ok to get around 2g/kg/weight per day.


Which kind of protein should I eat?

A great source for protein is chicken, meat (particular beef), fish, eggs and milk products. You can also grab the plant-based sources like peas, beans, lentils, quinoa and nuts.

To improve the protein synthesis in your body as best as possible, meaning build up as much body specific protein as possible, try these combinations

  • 36% egg and 64% potatoes
  • 75% milk and 25% wheat-flour
  • 52% beans and 48% corn

To pimp your food with extra protein we recommend topping your meals with different seeds or nuts like:

  • Sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds
  • Almonds, peanuts, pistachios, cashews

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