Obsidian, Canggu’s Newest Gym is Finally Open!

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When I first sat down with Arthur Wehantouw and learned about his vision for Obsidian I was immediately drawn to him.

Arthur told me “This will be a place where all are welcome no matter the skill level, no matter the image. We will help you grow into the person you were always meant to be or get back to the person you always were.” He then shared with me the mission statement of Obsidian and being that I was on my own personal journey when hearing this I couldn’t help but tear up. 


Obsidian is the new gym in Perenanan. It may be the new kid on the block but you’ve absolutely heard of it. You’ve seen all the sexy guys and dolls of Canggu frequent it via your daily scrolls. However, if you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out please do yourself the favour! All our welcome and they cater to all your wellness needs. Need help? Pull one of their incredible trainers aside who will help you raise the ceiling when it comes to limits and challenge yourself more than you thought possible. 

Go for a run overlooking the paddies, dunk in the ice bath, swim in their pool during sunset, or sweat in the infrared sauna! Take a class, and get a well-trained personal trainer to help address your personal needs or injuries. Or simply just gawk at all the hotties and enjoy Motion Fitness Foods while doing so! 

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of catering Obsidian’s grand opening. There were protein bars, energy balls, specialty drinks, puddings, our protein cookies and so much more. It paired so well with the atmosphere, gorgeous attendees, and staff! We look forward to more events at Obsidian and are happy to provide the protein boost you need after one of their Built or Ignite classes that will surely challenge you!! Go check them out and tell them we sent you. 



Tastefully yours, 

Motion Fitness Retreat Catering & Events Team

Obsidian Opening Party Testimonial:

“During our grand opening, Motion Fitness catered to us and our members. While many gym lovers are unable to take part in most food-centered gatherings, Motion Fitness provided fitness-friendly snacks and drinks to network and chill over. Everyone had a blast, meeting over what we love most, nutrition, health, and working out. Our attendants raved over the food and presentation, loading plates full of their vast array of snacks. Lauren was lovely, communicative, and a great addition to the event. Lau is everything. It’s Lau who believed in me the first time, really knew my vision, and really supported me.”

-Arthur Wehantouw (Obsidian Founder/Owner) 

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