Nutrition Planning with Motion Fitness Bali

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Testimonial of Florence


3 weeks nutrition planning with Motion Fitness Bali:

Tummy Attack Menu + Well-balanced Fit & Slim Menu + Slim Booster personalized Menu

Very positive outcomes after one week tummy attack challenge – one week post tummy attack well balanced menu and now one week personalized Slim Booster menu. I am very happy with this entire meal plan, the first diet of my life!

The team Melanie & Clementine took a really good care of me. Stunning personalized service and attentive about my feelings, weight and measurements.

Every day of my diet a quick chat to know if everything is ok with the food or how I feel…

For the meal delivery service, everything was delivered on time every day.

Serious and rigorous team.

In general, I feel better and more energized, the food is fresh and high quality, the taste is very good.

All the meals were well prepared and presented. Also very easy to digest.

You don’t have the feeling of doing a diet but more to find your nourishing style – balancing your diet. The menu is personalized to find the right diet working for your body type.

Kilos and centimeters are gone of course!

To conclude, this nutrition planning combined with training at Motion Fitness every day brings you the best results and very fast!

Results are visible and the change you notice in your body and muscles give you lot of motivation to keep going!


Written by Florence on the 28th August, 2015

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