Nutrition Consultation

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We humans are creatures of habits, and trying to change those, can give us a hard time. But once we manage to change and transform the old habits into some new, healthy ones, we will get rewarded with a better overall wellbeing and a more positive attitude towards life. And as a creature of habits that we are, we never want to go back again…

Your life will turn out absolutely different when you eat well and support your individual biochemistry because in the end everything we put into our bodies has an impact on our body feeling. The food we eat goes into our stomach and as it gets digested, it gets absorbed into our blood. And our blood is what creates cells, tissues, organs and even our thoughts. So you can imagine after all, you really are what you eat.

We know that each person is unique and therefore we offer customized meal planning in combination with a 1 hour nutrition consultation. After taking your health and dietary requirements we work out a personally tailored meal plan for you which supports you to reach you target and to help you keep on track for long term. We will motivate and educate you, to make better choices for your health without giving up all things that you love in life because we want create healthy habits, not restrictions.

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