Not Eating Enough… A Real Life Case

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This is a story we Melanie hears every day in her nutrition consultation. Let’s call her Anna, but we guess this could be one of your friends:


I was a normal woman on my mission to get the body I was dreaming of. I started my workouts and has some results during the first weeks. But as my training continued the rate of my results decreased. As I had no coach who would give me the correct advice I started to eat less and less and the same time I felt more and more weak, no energy and depressive.

At the end I was eating less than 1000 calories a day, and training 2-3h per day. Not only was I still not losing the fat or getting the body I was working for I also stopped getting my period for several months.

After being advices that my very low calorie diet was not the right way for weight loss or my health I had to change my eating style. I increased my calories to what was recommended and was eating a mixture of foods including brown rice, fruits and healthy fats instead of just limiting myself to chicken and broccoli.

After a few days I had better energy and after a few weeks the weight kept coming off almost every week. After about four to five weeksI also got my period back.

Now I am waiting so much more food than I ever was before but my results are so much better.

This was a very important lesson for me.

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