New Program FitFocus

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Finally, I’m back in Bali. I missed the classes and all of you, but mostly I missed my Avocado food. Seriously! I am still arriving in Bali and coming home just the 2 of us hit me harder than I thought. I miss my son very much and I guess this might take a while, but I am grateful to the universe that my son gets new experiences and I am also grateful for my beautiful new project.
How good does it feel to be out of your regular routine? My mind is nearly exploding with ideas. That’s why I created a new program, which we will launch soon. You are able to book the whole package from 1st March. Get ready!
This new challenge is called FitFocus and is 3x 30days. The FitFocus program will bring you to a new level. It combines fitness, nutrition, mind and spirit.

You might have followed my journey and saw that I became more spiritual in the last months BUT I am still focusing on a healthy and strong body. What I mean is, yes my Body is important to me and I want to look hot. 😉
The FitFocus challenge I created for you to make a new experience and find secrets about yourself. You will let go of the past and be free of fear and pressure to move into the future. You will be able to be present and trust life.
Come to my classes in the following weeks and experience the FitFocus fitness program held in my Fit Flow classes.
We will shape, tone and shred starting on Monday. Get ready!

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