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New High Protein Bar

We have a new one in our range of homemade products! A new protein bar yay. Bars can be diet lifesavers. They make a perfect portable snack, keep you satisfied between meals, and power you up- pre and post- workout.

The only problem is that the store-bought kind or mass production bars often contain some sneaky and sketchy ingredients like fake proteins, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils and all in all bad quality of ingredients. They are often not mentioned on the nutrition facts and labels or just hidden as carbohydrates, fats and so on.

Now the good news: All of our bars are without these sketchy ingredients and made with high-quality ingredients. The new high protein bar is a mixture of cashews, coconut flakes, milk, peanuts, oats a little bit of honey and high-quality protein powder.

And for all the raw fans out there it is no bake bar.

You can get this new superstar at Avocado café, MMA – Bali Muay Thai training camp or at Motion Fitness. Go and grab your diet lifesaver!

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