My Food Diary – What a Fitness Trainer eats!

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Ever wonder how your diet compares to that of a super-fit personal trainer? We asked trainer Monia to give us a sneak peek of her daily eats — and she happily obliged. As a group fitness instructor, personal trainer Monia knows how crucial it is to feed her body and mind. “It’s important to fuel well and often,” Monia says. “I eat every three to four hours.”


Breakfast – 8:00am

  • Protein Shake with 1 banana/1Tbsp peanut butter / 3 dates


Snack 1 – 10:30am

  • Fresh smoothie with mango, pineapple, watermelon or one fresh coconut


Lunch – 13:00pm

  • Big bowl of brown rice, vegetables and organic chicken


Snack 2 – 16:00pm

  • 1 Motion Protein Bar (Ideal after training as it helps repair muscle tissue. Low carb, low calorie. Very low GI and great during weight loss programs.)


Dinner – 19:30pm

  • Vegetable soup with piece of salmon


More tips:


  • I just listen to my body and eat when I am hungry.
  • Stick to small portions.
  • Always remember that we are all different and unique. So you must discover by yourself the best combination of food, meals etc.
  • Sport is an effort, diet comes to support it:-)
  • Be careful with sugar! Sugar calls suuugar!
  • If you are still not sure about your nutrition, go for a nutrition consultation with Mel
  • Try the Fit&Slim Menu of Motion Fitness, this will give you the basics how a healthy day/week should look like


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