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This week is our last Interview we get to know more about our lovely Motion Mate Lindy and why she loves Motion Fitness.


How long have you been into fitness?

Most of my life. I started modeling at 18 so needed to make sure I stayed in shape! I’m 39 now!


How long have you been a member at Motion?

4 years.


How often do you workout?

I try and work out 6 days a week. Unless I’mtravelingg for work. When I travel I’m usually too busy for exercising.


What interested you in fitness?

I find it a really good stress release.


Which body part do you love to work on?

Every part. At the moment I need to concentrate on my stomach and arms.


Foods you can not live without?



Your guilty pleasure?

Red wine


Things that make you happy outside Motion Fitness?

Yoga and beach time with my kids.


One thing on your bucket list?

I don’t actually have one.


Why do you like Motion Fitness?

I love the intense work out with super loud music and I also love the no frills of not wearing training shoes.


Please end this sentence: Motion Fitness is…

…a place to get your butt kicked into serious shape.

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