Motion Mates – Nikki

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Meet Nikki. One talented and strong woman. She just finished her yoga course is now finishing her PT course. Watch out!! All these while working on her brands.


How long have you been into fitness?

I’ve always been sporty since a kid doing things like gymnastics but only serious for the last four years.


How long have you been a member at Motion Fitness?

About 4 years. Summer has been my personal trainer for the past three years.


How often do you work out?

Every day. Two hours a day.


What interested you in fitness in the first place?

A healthy lifestyle. Feeling fit and strong within my own body. I feel happier and more productive when I’m working out.


Which body part do you love to work on?

Shoulders and booty.


Foods you cannot live without?

Bread. I love carbs. And cheesecake.


Your guilty pleasure?

Wine and cigarettes.


Things that makes you happy outside Motion?



One thing on your bucket list?

To be a personal trainer.


Why do you like Motion Fitness?

Because I feel supported in my fitness journey. I always have a lot of fun. I feel like it is a strong fitness community that is aware of fitness trends and has up to date techniques that provide results.


Please end this sentence, Motion Fitness is…

… the best female fitness community.

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