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CISCO. How much hotness can Motion Fitness handle? That’s what we ask ourselves sometimes, but the answer is, it’s never too much! Take for example this natural beauty Cisco.


How long have you been into fitness?

Working as a model for almost 13 years, fitness or intelligent movement has been a big part of my life since my teens. I also grew up in Munich near the mountains. In winter we spend a lot of time skiing and during summers i love to go hiking and swimming in lakes.


How long have you been a member at motion?

2.5 years


How often do you workout?

5 times per week


What interested you in fitness?

I like to move my body. It makes me feel strong and healthy.  However, I do like to change things up a bit and rotate between surfing, yoga, pilates and of course amazing motion classes


Which body part do you love to work on?



Food you can not live without? 



Your guilty pleasure? 



Things that make you happy outside Motion Fitness?

Going on adventures with my husband, long chats with my sisters on What’s app, catching waves at Medewi (one of my favorite surf breaks in Bali), watching Seinfeld and laughing out loud whilst eating delicious dark chocolate, a nice glass of red wine, great music, walking my dogs on the beach at sunset…it’s all about the simple things in life.


One thing on your bucket list? 

Riding motorbikes through Morocco, I’ve booked that in for next year!


Why do you like Motion Fitness?

I love the energy at Motion, the smiles, the motivation & all the other inspirational women


Please end this sentence: Motion Fitness is…

A great start into my day

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