Motion Mates

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ONGGA. How can you miss this little gem? Full of energy and creativity. Always busy providing us with amazing jewelry. But luckily she can always find a little time for our classes.


How long have you been into fitness?

I’ve been into fitness for more than 4 years now. I’ve been to different places. Motion is my latest and my favorite!


How long have you been a member at Motion Fitness?

1 or 2 years. Can’t really remember.


How often do you work out?

At least once a day, 6 times a week or I will go crazy.


What interested you in fitness in the first place?

Fitness made me feel good about myself. Also, it helps me focus too. Especially when I do it in the morning it helps me a lot to get me on the grind. I am so addicted to the feeling and that is why I always have to do it or I will feel shit. I choose fitness because it makes me happy.


Which body part do you love to work on?

Top body such as tummy. And ass. Sassy…


Food you cannot live without?

Tempe, kerupuk and sambal. So good.


Your guilty pleasure?

All of the above and nasi. And definitely desserts. Guilty as charged.


Things that makes you happy outside Motion?

Working and designing for my jewelry line. And sleep. I love sleeping. Enough sleep makes me happy.


One thing on your bucket list?

To get an amazing tummt like Mel! And also, I want to be a dancer. At least for one hip hop music video. Not the tacky and twerky ones with a lot of bling-bling. More like the gangster rap kind of music video. It really is my vibe LOL.


Why do you like Motion Fitness?


I like the classes and the trainers are all my faves. It is always fun training at Motion. Hard kind of fun but FUN. I really like it.


Please end this sentence, Motion Fitness is…


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