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This is the ultra lovely and bubbly Kepsi, also known as Kepsibel. That explains her photo:  Dumbbell, Kettle bell, Kepsibel! 🙂

How long have you been into fitness?

I’ve always been interested in fitness in some form, whether it was dancing or yoga when I was younger, to group sports during high school and then discovering Pilates, spinning and Motion.


How long have you been a member at motion?

I’ve been coming to Motion 8 years now – I remember going to Mel’s old studio off Jalan Nakula after school!


How often do you workout?

I try to work out at least 4-5 times a week. If I’m in Bali, I will be at Motion every day that it is open!


What interested you in fitness?

Initially, I just wanted to run somewhere without losing my breath. Then I discovered that it took care of my mood, made me stronger and feel better. I love learning about my body and seeing what it is capable of achieving. And it’s fun!


Which body part do you love to work on?

My brain – all those endorphins make me happy! (Okay, and my ass… but that’s a given)


Food you cannot live without? 

Nasi Campur


Your guilty pleasure? 

Banoffee Pie and Espresso Martinis’ 😉


Things that makes you happy outside Motion Fitness?

I love to be outside amongst the green, travel to new places, see new things, and meet new faces. I love to make art and spend time with my loved ones. The list could go on and on…


One thing on your bucket list? 

A trip to Mars


Why do you like Motion Fitness?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Haha! I could wax lyrical here… Firstly, the music. The tunes are always pumping so that no matter what mood I am in before, I walk out with a smile (even if I can’t actually walk). Secondly, the girl power vibe. There’s nothing quite like thirty women stomping their way through some hard core exercises. Makes me feel like I’m part of a badass lady army. And thirdly, the people. The trainers are some of the most HARD WORKING people I have ever met. I have so much respect for them and what they achieve in a day, and how much love they bring to what they do.


Please end this sentence: Motion Fitness is…


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