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Hi Motion Fitness Food lovers!

Did you know we’ve expanded our offerings on Gojek and WhatsApp orders? We have another location, Motion Kitchen 2, where you can order different lunch and dinner dishes than on the cafe menu, create your plate with a big variety of items to choose from, the famous protein and sweet potato waffles, protein shakes plus all our cakes, snacks and drinks. How good is that?!

Fit meals, lunch and dinner dishes, have macros included so if you’re counting your macros you can easily see which option is a good fit for you. They’re different dishes than what you’ve seen on the cafe menu, but of course Motion style healthy fitness food.

If you love Create Your Plate on our cafe menu check out Kitchen 2 version! Even more options available: curried cauliflower rice, green buddha bowl, tofu scramble, roasted vegetables, beef stripes and more!

Who can say no to waffles? Order your favourite protein or sweet potato waffle from k2. Both sweet and savoury versions available just like at the cafe.


Check out the menu

Order for over 300k and get a 10% discount

Order for 500k up to get a 15% discount

WhatsApp: +6281246670699

Fit Meals available on Gojek: Fitness Food By Motion



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