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With David Bissell

Where are you from?

London, UK. Originally from ‘the ghetto’ of south London… Croydon haha

What does a typical day in the life of David look like?

Up at 6 am, drink my Motion Bone Broth and fuel minerals while watching the sunrise.
In the gym at 7 am doing morning cardio or training.
8.30 am, my Motion Meal Plan delivery arrives, and I have breakfast
I do admin for my online personal training business until late lunchtime, while fitting in two coconut waters and another meal. This is my creative time when I’ll make new training plans.
2 pm I do resistance training; this is my BIG session 
4/5-5/7 pm I’m back at the desk, this is my more manager/admin time, and I fit in calls to Europe, who are behind us! Post-workout meal.
7 pm I’m hitting the spa, sauna, steam, and jacuzzi, before a stretch to end the day – I find stretching after the heat treatment great, as the body is warm and loose.
8 pm final meal to clock off the day
9 pm bed.

With a tight schedule like this, having Motion is so handy, I can eat my meals at the exact time I want without having to think about it or wait around.

These are my routine days, but I have more chilled days too. I love to travel around Bali doing adventure activities on weekends, hit some dinner spots in the evenings, and have at least one lay-in during the week.

4 Musts – Bali edition:

Rafting down the Ayung River, I went with a crew for my birthday recently; such a laugh. Go to ‘Payung rafting’ and ask for ‘King Kong’ as your guide. I’ll let you find out why he’s called King Kong. 

Stay in the Nude House in Sideman, a bamboo open-front cottage hilltop with an unbroken view of Mount Agung, breathtaking. And Sideman, such a lovely area; no noise, clean cold air, the locals so friendly, Bali how you imagined before Canggu.

Walk Berawa to Canggu Beach at sunset. Let’s face it; we don’t walk much in Bali, which isn’t good for our activity levels (coach hat on). The sunsets are so beautiful here, and the sea is warm, add in some cardio, and we’re onto a winning combo.

Dirtbike up Mount Batur for sunrise. This one is for the extreme amount of our readers. In typical Bali fashion, your protective gear probably won’t fit you, it might even have holes, all this as you’re about to bike up a steep and bumpy path, but that just adds to the fun of it! Exhilarating biking with beautiful views at the top. Or you hike up; that might be safer.

What are you most excited about in the next three months?

My online fitness coaching is starting to really grow; within the next three months, it should be firing. I’m excited about all the lives we’re going to change with the improved physiques and health and prosperity that comes with that, and how it will allow me to travel more around Indonesia and onwards :).

Create your ideal plate @ Motion Fitness Foods:

Protein Waffle Original
Coconut Yoghurt Base
With half/half spiced chocolate/peanut butter inside
And half/half blueberries & strawberries/apple cinnamon & almonds topping

I didn’t even need to look that up. It’s imprinted in my memory.

Two Truths and a Lie:

I have a degree in Engineering

I can play the Piano

My middle name is Thomas

message me @davidbissell_ if you’d like to know the answer…

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