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More energy through a protein rich diet?

Protein has other jobs to fill that take priority over using it as an energy source. The proteins are the base of our body structure and have a lot of essential functions. Such as building muscles and they are fuel for muscle contraction.

The cells of our organism get the energy to perform their work mainly from the oxidation of nutrients (glucose, free fatty acids, amino acids) and from the oxygens.

Therefore, if the oxygen reaches the tissues and organs correctly, and a blood pH is maintained, a good function of these is promoted. This generates more and good energy for the complete body.

The proteins are composed of amino acids, which you find in protein foods. So the quality of the protein we consume is very important (it should have all of the essential amino acids).

These are great sources of good quality protein:

  • Beef, chicken, fish and eggs
  • Legumes (combine with seeds or good cereals like quinoa or brown rice)
  • Tofu/ tempeh (try to choose organic)
  • Quinoa/ amaranth

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