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Metabolism Booster Diet

The importance of digestive balance cannot be overstated. You are not what you eat. Rather, you are what you digest.

So, if you struggle with irregular stool, hunger and saturation feeling, we can provide the solution.

This very special diet consists of 4 steps in which we perfectly combine complex carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats to bring your digestive fire to burn. For best results it is recommended to do this diet for 4 weeks. Get more sensitive about feeling hunger and saturation, as well as improve your stool regulation.

In these 4 steps we set you on the path to efficient digestion, more energy, and less pain and discomfort.

The 6-day menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as 3 snacks to keep your metabolism on track in between meals. Always after two days you will switch to another step to teach your body a right eating pattern slowly. It also includes a timetable to keep regularity in your food intake.

Interested? Please contact us at foodorder@avocadocafebali.com

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