Mel’s SOS Guide

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Read below all the advises of Melanie…



Get more energy from your workouts!

– 60min. morning walk daily as fast as you able to and speed up day by day. Moving your arms, engage your abs, shoulder soft. Find a walking buddy!

– 3 days per week strength training with a weight you can lift max 12reps

(make a plan or ask me;)

– 2-3time Yoga/Pilates


Get slim through eating. Stop starving your body!

Wake up and smile (put a item close to your bed that reminds you)

– Drink 1 big glass of room temperature warm water with lemon or apple vinegar (1tsp/glass)


Breakfast (don’t talk and sit)

1 cup cooked porridge made with water/ chia seeds, 1cup fruits,

1 boiled egg + water ca. 400ml, 1cup coffee or tea

Snack 1: 2 1/2hr later 1 apple or pear

Walk around for 5min

– Drink water constantly, drink plain water and add 1cup green tea too

Lunch (don’t talk and sit)

1 ½ – 2hr after breakfast, best prepare at home, save money and eat much more cleanly. Eat 1 hand – size lean meat/chicken/fish.

2 cups cooked vegetables and 1 cup cooked sweet potatoes or any whole grain, 1-cup green tea with lemon

Snack 2: 2 – 2 1/2hr 15 almonds, cappuccino or 180g plain Yogurt

Dinner (don’t talk and sit)

1 ½ -2hr later 2 cup cooked vegetable, 1 tbsp. seeds, 1 hand size fish or chicken OR have it with 1 hand cooked whole grains or sweet potato.

Snack 3: 1hr before bed have a 200ml protein shake made with water

Follow up:

– After dinner walk 15 – 30min round the block, just easy and listen to your breath

– After take a good rest, lay down with legs up. Sleep and wake up early!

 Create your own SPA at home and love yourself!

– Brush your body before shower, using dry towel or body-brush

– Have a nice shower and finish always with a 1-minute cold flush

– Afterwards use the Motion Toning Oil or any body oil you prefer

– Scrub your body once per week only


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