Mel’s personal diet

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Here I open up with my personal tricks for my body. Over the past 15 years with experience as a personal nutrition and fitness coach I have learned, there is NO RULE but knowledge. Each of you can find the best way; if you put more awareness to what you eat and how it makes you feel. I am definitely a protein and healthy fat eating-person and people can see this.


This is my personal diet:

  • I eat 6 – 7 times per day and eat after a clock. My body is taught to eat every 2 ½ – 3 hour for sure. I can’t leave the house without food. I have fix times for my big meals.
  • I drink green tea 1-2x per day and I couldn’t be without it. The benefits of green tea are massive and I can see and feel the difference if I don’t drink it every day. My green tea – lemon mix is the ultimate SLIM & ENERGY drink.
  • I like to drink a lemon juice and water with my lunch. I sweat a lot and need to keep my body hydrated constantly. Now, that I am over 40, I start to see that the skin gets dryer and I drink even more water as before.
  • I have a late protein snack like nuts, egg, plain yogurt, protein shake. My day is busy and some days are longer as others but packed with unexpected things ala Bali life 🙂 So I stay awake longer because I need time for myself too and love my quiet evenings with my hubby or best friend. I need just 6hours sleep – that it is the right amount for me.
  • My family dinner is around 8pm and I eat for sure 1-2 snacks, which are protein rich. My stomach is flat and empty in the morning. Overnight I give my metabolism some work and burn calories overnight because protein takes a while to get digested.
  • I eat fruits only in the morning. I am not a big fan of eating too sweet and if I want to eat sweets then I eat chocolate or cake. I’m just not satisfied and full enough from fruits. I can feel the fast use of the fruit -sugar as energy, but no power on long time. That’s why I add yogurt to my fruits, nuts, seeds or a boiled egg to make the meal more complete.
  • I don’t drink juices and believe I haven’t had a juice over years. I like to eat real food. Juices are processed and so there is fewer vitamins and fiber in it, as you would have with a full hand of berries.
  • 1 hand full of nuts or an egg white omelet is my favorite snack
  • I eat much more cooked food. This RAW generation is absolutely not mine. Still, I love and eat a fresh salad for lunch most of the days and add different things. For sure nuts, eggs and other protein sources as shrimps/fish. In the evening I eat only cooked food.
  • Magnesium, Q10, fish oil, lifepack vitamins, phyteuma plant are my first intake of the in the morning. In evening I have vitamins, fish oil, and magnesium again. Magnesium and fish oil are for me the most important ones. You can read about it on our Motion blog or newsletters.
  • Milk products are on my plate daily. I feel I need them. It might be 200gr ricotta over my vegetable, plain yogurt mix with raw chocolate or mixed with a big hand of nuts mmmhh and milk has to come with my coffee. Only in the evenings after a richer meal I have espresso. If I would have no milk products I believe I would be terrible bony. 🙂
  • I’m addicted to Coffee and I don’t care. I love it and at Avocado Cafe we have the best coffee blend of the island because I made it ;). Up until today it hasn’t had any negative effect to me to drink 3-4 coffees with cow milk on daily base. I also love it with cashew nut – or soymilk but my body reacts bad on soy. Any soy makes my legs heavy and I blow up.
  • No alcohol for me. I am really over it and had my strong party times and enjoyed it enough. Today I take more care and I feel much better without. I love to have red wine and cheese on my holidays or at a nice dinner with friend in my house.
  • I don’t eat bread and pasta. I really don’t and I totally lost the appetite for it. I might have a piece of cake in the afternoon. The cake at Avocado Cafe makes you addicted without regrets. I’m a Paleo foodie.

I taught my body to love nutrition rich food only and it works.


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