Mel’s Easy 5min Fitness Bread

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Recipe & Story

Are you also a lover of good bread?

If so, then this bread might be your new favourite.

It is easy to make and flexible in using ingredients and flavours.

For a while now I am baking my bread. After years of avoiding bread of any kind, I started missing the texture in my daily diet.  I hadn’t missed it for many years.

I avoided bread because it always gave me cravings and it didn’t satisfy me in my healthy sporty lifestyle. It did not support me enough! AND I found a great new way of eating.

Creative and delicious with the big plus of feeling strong and healthy too.  

So my body gave me the call. Through this, I got the awareness that lots of conscious eating people could have the same experience. As you know I make the recipes for Motion Fitness Foods in Bali and we producing cakes, cookies, bars and lots of baked and non-baked goods of healthy and free of refined carbs and sugars snacks.

So I got inspired and today at Motion Café we are offering wonderful Fitness breads and rolls too.

All breads have a low Glycaemic Index, which is the Code for blood sugar control.

I am very passionate about creating healthy foods recipes without refined carbs and sugar but still with good carbs that are rich in fibre and to digest. These Carbs as whole Oats give us energy for a longer time and is powerful in many kinds. Automatically these breads are higher in protein and healthy fats too. The Easy 5min Fitness Bread is super low in Carbohydrates and low GI.

They are heavier in weight and higher in calories but very nutrition’s dense too.

The calories/macros themselves count not the same as those you absorb through a normal bread like a baguette or a rice/potato/wheat flour bread.

Please read my article of tracking macros here.

Find the macros under the recipe.

Tip: Carefully read the ingredients of Gluten-free breads as they often are loaded with sugar/starchy flours which peek up your blood sugar and can cause you cravings fast after eating.

It is also a non-necessary, higher intake of refined carbs to your daily other meals.

If you still love your “white bread” and you are not Gluten intolerant I recommend eating whole wheat flour/rye/real sourdough bread instead of Gf Bread. BUT if you want to do something good to your gut, try my variation of breads based on seed, nuts, and whole rolled oats. These breads are Gluten-free btw..

Loving the idea to eat most of the day these powerful bread and Sundays you let it go…. maybe.

Anyway, I won’t miss my breads anymore.

2 slices of the 5min Fitness Bread fill me very well and giving me no cravings for hours.

It is easy to make and taste great with savoury and sweet topping.

I love it with cream cheese and fresh Mango but also with my Sauerkraut and black pepper it is delicious.

The combinations of seeds and nuts I change as I like it or as I have stock in my house.

The base is always the 300gr flaxseed ground, the 250gr other dry seeds or nuts are flexible to use. You can add any you like. I love to add lots of sesame and poppy seeds. I guess non of the Easy 5min Fitness bread I do is ever similar. 🙂

Adding herbs and spices is great too.

Having dinner with friends you can make the bread Italian style and add any Italian herbs (2 Tsp.) you like and shopped olives (½ cup).

For the sweet tooth adding ½ cup dried fruit and 1tsp cinnamon. This sweet version of Fitness bread I love with lots of walnuts inside the dough. 

Store the bread in a paper bag in a wooden box or kitchen cabinet for up to 6days.

It lasts much longer in the fridge but my bread I have eaten by then. 🙂

This bread is easy to do for everybody having an oven.


Let Food be the Medicine and Medicine the Food. Hippocrates

The Easy 5min Seed Bread Recipe

  • Preparation time 5min
  • Baking time 35-45min
  • Resting time in baking form 15min
  • Cooling time 1hour
  • 26 slices


  • Big bowl,
  • Spatula or spoon,
  • Baking paper and form (26cm-12cm)


  • 300gr flaxseed ground
  • 250gr mixed seeds & nuts as sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, chia, flax, walnuts. almonds  
  • 3Tsp baking powder (optional)
  • 1tsp Himalaya salt
  • 6 big or 7 small eggs
  • 1 tbsp. Olive oil


  • 1-2tsp. herbs or 1/2tsp. spice as coriander
  • Seed for topping


  1. Warm up the oven and prepare your baking form.
  2. Mix well all dry ingredients into the bowl and make a volcano in the center.
  3. In the center add all the eggs and the oil
  4. Mix the egg with the oil in the center of the dry ingredients
  5. When the eggs are completely mixed, start combining them with the dry mixture.
  6. It will get a sticky dough. If you want to get it firmer wait 5-10min but I use it straight away.
  7. With light wet hands take all dough out of the bowl and make a cylinder fitting to the size of your baking form. Keep the dough in your hands and build the cylinder without pressure.
  8. Now place the dough into the form without pushing. You can put seeds into the form before adding the dough to get a nice bottom seed crust or putting some seed on top.
  9. Cut the dough lengthwise 5mm with a knife to avoid unpleased cracks.
  10. Now up in the oven. Place the form centered on the oven rack with bottom and top heat by 190-degree bake for 35-45min.
  11. After baking, keep the bread for 15min in the baking form. Then remove it and it cools on a grate.

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