Am I (fitness) crazy?

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There are people in my life who think that I’m a crazy fitness maniac…

Years ago, in my annual holidays in Germany, I was always very moody and tired in the first days and even got sick straight away sometimes. Of course I thought that the reason for this was my busy working schedule and that I just had to rest my body, so I forced my self to rest. Some days I did some sports activity like rock climbing with my friends (but of course in a way easier pace than in my 20’s) and some days I went walking with my mum, so compared to my normal sporty lifestyle I did a lot less sports during my holiday. When I got back to Bali I had always a strong jet-lag and was also afraid of this, because after arriving in Bali I often started working straight away. The Motion trainers were laughing at me seeing me crawling up the stairs as my whole body was aching, especially my butt and my legs. The gained layer on top of my muscles I did regret too. This happened for about 6 years in the row.

Then I started to change things in my holidays, meaning I did not “force” myself to rest, but did fitness every day, just like I do it during my workaday life. One reason is, that I want to keep what I achieved in my 15years of fitness history and even get better, holiday or not.

So when I arrive now in Germany for my annual holiday I am in the gym on my first day already or I run through the forest – jet lag or not. I started to do special training plans for my holidays – of course I adapt my fitness program to the holiday modus in regard to time input and facilities given – bit I love it and asked myself why I did not do this way earlier. Year by year I feel healthier, stronger and jet-lags are much milder than before. And the big plus I can even have my daily Vino and other European specialties without gaining a thing.

So you could think I’m a crazy fitness maniac and it might be true. But there are worse addictions and for me I can say: I found my way to enjoy my holiday even more.

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